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Ginza 4-chome Tower, 4-9-13, Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan

Yoshiaki Irobe

Graphic designer / Art director
Yoshiaki Irobe was born in Chiba Prefecture in 1974. He completed the Master’s program at the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2003. Now he heads the Irobe Design Institute, Nippon Design Center Inc., and is a part-time lecturer at the Tokyo University of the Arts. His major works include visual identity (VI) and signage planning for the Ichihara Lakeside Museum and the Tenri Station Plaza CoFuFun,branding for Osaka Metro, and design direction for the Takeo Paper Show 2011 (“Books”) and the Naka-Boso International Art Festival (Ichihara Art x Mix). He undertakes design work across a broad spectrum, applying his graphic design techniques with his editorial perspective, from two- and three-dimensional graphics to spatial design such as the product package design for HAKUTSURU SAKE Brewing Co., Ltd. and Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. He pursues excellence and enhancement of the quality and functionality of information design in public spaces through diverse projects such as the Ginza Navigation Tags System and the TOKYO PROJECT. He has won numerous design awards both in Japan and abroad, including awards from the Tokyo Art Directors Club (ADC), Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA), Japan Sign Design Association (SDA), One Show Design, and British Design and Art Direction (D&AD). He serves as a member of the design awards jury for the Good Design Awards, ADC Awards, Design Excellence Awards, D&AD Awards and others and as a lecturer in the design workshop at the Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo. He is a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI), ADC and JAGDA. Member of the Board Director, the Nippon Design Center Inc.
  • Moeko Yamaguchi

    Chief graphic designer
    2010 - Bachelor’s Degree in The Faculty of Law at Keio University
    2013 - Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design at Tama Art University
    2017 - Joined Nippon Design Center
  • Sarang Chang

    Project manager
    2012 - Bachelor’s Degree in Faculty of Commerce and Management at Hitotsubashi University
    2012 - Business administration at Mitsubishi Corp.
    2018 - Business development at LINE Corp.
    2019 - Joined Nippon Design Center
  • Yasuhiro Yasuda

    Graphic designer
    2018 - Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Design at University of Tsukuba
    2018 - Joined Nippon Design Center
  • Tsugumi Arai

    Graphic designer
    2015 - Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design at Tama Art University
    2018 - Joined Nippon Design Center
  • Lou Hisbergue

    Graphic designer
    2014 - Master's Degree in Art Direction at ESAG Penninghen, Paris, France
    2016 - Graphic Designer at North, London, UK
    2019 - Joined Nippon Design Center
  • Saya Fujitani

    Graphic designer
    2019 - Master's Degree in Design at Tokyo University of the Arts
    2019 - Joined Nippon Design Center